Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i knew it.......

I am nerdier than 97% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Remember platyhelminthes?

I just whipped out a little scarf that reminds me of high school biology class. Remember platyhelminthes? I can't borrow the picture, but you can see the little pointyheaded triangle faced little planarid worm here. They were pretty cool....
Now, compare that little critter's face to the cravat known as Edgar
Is it me or is there a resemblance?

Monday, November 21, 2005

I am the world's worst seamer. OK maybe that is a bit harsh-but maybe not so far off the mark.
Last night I was desperate to knit something and finish it-after totally frogging two of my three projects on needles (!!!). So I whipped out a lonely ball of Kureyon 170 and found this pattern. I had not forgotten how I so despise seaming, but I did not have the dpn or circ needles I needed handy for this project and, well, I just had to be knitting something-so I started. And I finished.
And this morning I seamed. I obviously needed more coffee and more light. I seem to always have a problem with seaming, though I have a million books with 'how to seam articles in them and I know the technicals. I already started combatting my poor seaming habits by NEVER seaming right after finishing. I am far too excited to do a good job. After ridding myself of the excitement (well some of it anyway) I just have to deal with the 'lazy' aspect of not seaming nicely and neatly. Grabbing each stitch (or at least being consistent with the stitch I pick on each side), snugging the seam every few stitches instead of 20 at a time, aligning colors properly while I seam instead of sliding things around afterward (I did manage to fix the color-inconsistency on this hat a bit more than this photo shows.....but who wants to check that before wearing a garment?) I want seams that are PERFECT-so nice that I neednt wear the seamed side to the back, but could proudly display it on the FRONT with NOBODY noticing. I am going to sign up for a finishing class to start in Febuary. Meanwhile--hats are only allowed to be knit in the round. Oh, and the proper size. This one keeps sliding off the top of my head!

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Scarf that Became....Itself

I joined a yahoo group called Multidirectional and started a multidirectional scarf. I wanted to use up some of my stash so I pulled out some of the Debbie Bliss Maya that I had tucked away. I had three hanks of a black colorway and just over of a lighter more cream colored colorway. This is the beginning of the story.
I started this scarf with the black and intended to do it completly in the black. The pattern was more suited to long colorchanges, so the short colorchanges really did not stand out much, especially when done in garter stitch. So I decided to go ahead and interchange colors. I am not a big 'geometric' kind of person but I thought this would be a nice way to do this kind of scarf and was willing to just go ahead and see what happened...so I did a switch to the cream colorway, did another triangle and switched back to black. End chapter one.
At the end of the black triangle I was out of black yarn and I had decided that since I wasn't sure if I had enough cream color to alternate every one that I'd do a couple more black triangles and make this, uh, geometric scarf into a geometric and asymmentric scarf. However--I found as I went to wind the next black hank that it was a different dyelot and I really couldn't back that dyelot up to the other one and make it look purposeful. And I had two complete black hanks if I didn't use it, so I decided to complete the scarf in the cream. The black on one side would be the 'asymmetry' that the scarf seemed to be seeking. End chapter two.
Then my 15mo son 'mislaid' my second hank of cream. AGGHHHHH. End chapter three.
Beginning of the happy end to the story. I decided to just cut the scarf short. Rather than switch back to black to finish it off, I left that triangle at a point and cast off. I thought it seemed rather cool, fitting in with both the 'geometric' and 'asymmetric' feel. However I felt it needed fringe of some kind so I ended up breaking into that black hank.....and the coolest thing happened. It almost fringed itself. I am not sure why but on the pointy end I had originally thought to do a tapered fringe....so I cut the lengths all the same length with the intention of cutting them but a little light bulb went off and said 'knot them'! So I started knotting them...at the bottom. Different. The other side needed something but I felt a long knotted fringe would be too much--it would have resulted in a scarf that was more fringe than scarf--and it would have meant, in my perfectionistic kind of way, that I'd have to measure the distance between knots so that the sides of this asymmetric scarf would be symmetric. Go figure. So I did a heavy fringe on the blunt end. And it turned out pretty neat.
I realized that as I did this scarf it was screaming my friend S's name. And I realized it is SO much like her that although I adore it, I am giving it to her. How is it like her?:

1. She was a refreshing and vibrant light in the dull dim Swedish town we were both stranded in--and sometimes scarves can be dull and this one isn't!
2. She has a groundedness and earthyness that matches the colorways--but she is also a bit on the 'changeable' side so the starkly different colorways fit!
3. Her personality is both soft and pointed--matches the ends in a way.
4. She has an appreciation for both delicate things (lace stitch stuff) and funky things (she liked, erm, I think, the strange Cleaves I did), so this scarf fringed itself with her in mind.
5. She inspired me to knit in the first place--so it is only fitting that this scarf, which grew out of circumstance into an 'interesting' character, hops into a little bag and mails itself to her.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some kind of knitting wizard/genie struck yesterday. I managed to complete two projects--and was busy with other things! Why is it that sometimes I have nothing else to do and cannot manage to get any knitting in and some days are like yesterday. Oh yeah. Motherhood. I forgot.

Anyway, Toddle is complete! I am hoping the 'keyhole' aspect will help keep it on him--so far he is constantly trying to tear it off, hence no photo of him with it on (yet).
Here is the intimate stitch close up. Gotta love those shots. I love the texture of the perpetual cabling. The pattern called for Cashmerino Chunky (if I remember right) and I subbed the Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky--which made it come out a bit more 'chunky' and a little less soft than I imagine the original pattern yarn called for. I want to make another one-- experimenting with having only three cables across and the middle cable be of a bit of black and a bit of white twining around one another. Might be cool!
The other project which made it to the finishing line FINALLY was the infamous baby blanket. My cast off was a tad loose so it is blocking on my livingroom floor and I am praying to the knitgods that it will come out properly shaped.

I have very mixed feelings about this blanket. I was psyched to make it-- a very solid and earthy pattern which was simple and sharp. Then I couldn't find the right Koigu colorway for it--the one called for in the pattern was the one I loved for a gender neutral blanket but stockists either had none or not enough. So I picked this one--which looks more yellow in this photo than it actually is and which looked less puppypukegreen on my monitor than in real life. Of course, after I got the yarn, the parents-to-be decided to eliminate the suprise element and they found out they were having a boy....but I had paid 80 USD for the yarn and waited for it to go to my mother and then on to me here in the UK-- and I wanted to get going on it. Knit up, it is quite pretty but a bit strange for a blanket, don't you think? It's a bit too green for my tastes. I am afraid they will hate it and I almost want to append to the "welcome to the world note" a little disclaimer that says I am happy to recyle it into socks if the color makes them--or baby--want to vomit. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I am procrastinating away....only 15 rows left of the VBBB (very boring baby blanket). Don't get me wrong-every stitch is carefully tended with love-but I can only do so much stockinette on straight needles before my brain goes completely haywire. So, instead, I am working on Toddle.

I love the Jaeger merino and I like the pattern because I have not done a lot of cabling and this gives me LOTS of practice. It's fast and not too brainless (the learning curve) and Alexander is in desperate need of a scarf. Unfortunately he lost his other one on the way home from library play group...so he needs a new one...and I am ever so happy to oblige.

Kerrie at Hip Knits just posted her newsletter and updated her site with more of her glorious handspun silk. I am so tempted but I think DH would kill me. I had bought 200g(about 320yd) of her handpainted silk at the Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching show--and I tell ya, I should have bought more. When I go cuddle my stash ;) I always have to fondle it. I am looking for the perfect eyelet pattern to make a nice simple narrow spring scarf out of it. If you have suggestions, I'm all ears!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

I went running to the post this morning...because I saw my present from Littleknits! I have been so psyched to get this yarn!! (erm, wool here in the UK...here, it is doubly wool, being partly wool wool and all...) A huge plus is Littleknits' superb service--fast shipping and I was even refunded excess shipping (unlike a lot of places which charge huge flat rates for shipping when you KNOW it will fit in a nine dollar priority mail envelope....)

So, I have here two huge hanks of Schaefer's Marjaana, 50% merino and 50% tussah silk. Each is about 550 yards(shoulda bought two of each!) The hank on the left is a colorway called Edith Piaf and the one on the right is called Toni Morrison. Apparently they do 'theme' colorways and this theme is important women....you can buy some Louisa May Alcott, some Indira Ghandi, some Pearl Buck....and in case you don' t know who they are, each hank comes with an attached history lesson :)

I heard about both LittleKnits and the Shaefer Marjaana on the yahoo group for the Clapotis Knit Along. If you don't know what Clapotis is, you can look here for the pattern. I'd suggest joining the KAL as well, as you learn lots of interesting things such as how to pronouce Clapotis (kla-poh-tee) and what it means (something along the lines of the form and/or sound that a ripple of water makes). Plus you get lots of support and have fun KALing with some cool folks.

OK speaking of Clapotis, I had thought of using the ligher colorway of Marjaana to make another, though the yardage is a little short...unless I make it narrower and shorter. The bigger issue, however is the WIP one I have sitting and waiting to be finished. I just dropped my third stitch (yes this is a good thing!). For those of you who totally love the colorway I've forgotten the name (helpful eh?) but I got it on ebay from Lotusblossom. It seems to be going slowly because I am spending so much of my preciously-little knitting time working on my nephew-to-be's baby blanket. I'm looking foward to finishing her, though, because I just cannot get used to these drafty English houses!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


A knitblog?

A look of horror crossed his small innocent face.

Yes, a knitblog.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.