Monday, November 21, 2005

I am the world's worst seamer. OK maybe that is a bit harsh-but maybe not so far off the mark.
Last night I was desperate to knit something and finish it-after totally frogging two of my three projects on needles (!!!). So I whipped out a lonely ball of Kureyon 170 and found this pattern. I had not forgotten how I so despise seaming, but I did not have the dpn or circ needles I needed handy for this project and, well, I just had to be knitting something-so I started. And I finished.
And this morning I seamed. I obviously needed more coffee and more light. I seem to always have a problem with seaming, though I have a million books with 'how to seam articles in them and I know the technicals. I already started combatting my poor seaming habits by NEVER seaming right after finishing. I am far too excited to do a good job. After ridding myself of the excitement (well some of it anyway) I just have to deal with the 'lazy' aspect of not seaming nicely and neatly. Grabbing each stitch (or at least being consistent with the stitch I pick on each side), snugging the seam every few stitches instead of 20 at a time, aligning colors properly while I seam instead of sliding things around afterward (I did manage to fix the color-inconsistency on this hat a bit more than this photo shows.....but who wants to check that before wearing a garment?) I want seams that are PERFECT-so nice that I neednt wear the seamed side to the back, but could proudly display it on the FRONT with NOBODY noticing. I am going to sign up for a finishing class to start in Febuary. Meanwhile--hats are only allowed to be knit in the round. Oh, and the proper size. This one keeps sliding off the top of my head!


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