Monday, November 14, 2005

I went running to the post this morning...because I saw my present from Littleknits! I have been so psyched to get this yarn!! (erm, wool here in the, it is doubly wool, being partly wool wool and all...) A huge plus is Littleknits' superb service--fast shipping and I was even refunded excess shipping (unlike a lot of places which charge huge flat rates for shipping when you KNOW it will fit in a nine dollar priority mail envelope....)

So, I have here two huge hanks of Schaefer's Marjaana, 50% merino and 50% tussah silk. Each is about 550 yards(shoulda bought two of each!) The hank on the left is a colorway called Edith Piaf and the one on the right is called Toni Morrison. Apparently they do 'theme' colorways and this theme is important can buy some Louisa May Alcott, some Indira Ghandi, some Pearl Buck....and in case you don' t know who they are, each hank comes with an attached history lesson :)

I heard about both LittleKnits and the Shaefer Marjaana on the yahoo group for the Clapotis Knit Along. If you don't know what Clapotis is, you can look here for the pattern. I'd suggest joining the KAL as well, as you learn lots of interesting things such as how to pronouce Clapotis (kla-poh-tee) and what it means (something along the lines of the form and/or sound that a ripple of water makes). Plus you get lots of support and have fun KALing with some cool folks.

OK speaking of Clapotis, I had thought of using the ligher colorway of Marjaana to make another, though the yardage is a little short...unless I make it narrower and shorter. The bigger issue, however is the WIP one I have sitting and waiting to be finished. I just dropped my third stitch (yes this is a good thing!). For those of you who totally love the colorway I've forgotten the name (helpful eh?) but I got it on ebay from Lotusblossom. It seems to be going slowly because I am spending so much of my preciously-little knitting time working on my nephew-to-be's baby blanket. I'm looking foward to finishing her, though, because I just cannot get used to these drafty English houses!


Anonymous Sharon said...

Hi Tracy, I love your new blog! Great pictures and very helpful links. Your clappy is looking fabulous...Yummy yarn! I'm on the Clapotis list, too. I'm still in the planning stage, however and have never posted yet.

Got you bookmarked :-)


2:24 PM  
Blogger agileflower said...

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2:30 PM  
Anonymous fibercrone said...

Beautiful clappy! Thanks for posting the link on the Clapotis group.

12:43 AM  

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