Friday, November 18, 2005

The Scarf that Became....Itself

I joined a yahoo group called Multidirectional and started a multidirectional scarf. I wanted to use up some of my stash so I pulled out some of the Debbie Bliss Maya that I had tucked away. I had three hanks of a black colorway and just over of a lighter more cream colored colorway. This is the beginning of the story.
I started this scarf with the black and intended to do it completly in the black. The pattern was more suited to long colorchanges, so the short colorchanges really did not stand out much, especially when done in garter stitch. So I decided to go ahead and interchange colors. I am not a big 'geometric' kind of person but I thought this would be a nice way to do this kind of scarf and was willing to just go ahead and see what I did a switch to the cream colorway, did another triangle and switched back to black. End chapter one.
At the end of the black triangle I was out of black yarn and I had decided that since I wasn't sure if I had enough cream color to alternate every one that I'd do a couple more black triangles and make this, uh, geometric scarf into a geometric and asymmentric scarf. However--I found as I went to wind the next black hank that it was a different dyelot and I really couldn't back that dyelot up to the other one and make it look purposeful. And I had two complete black hanks if I didn't use it, so I decided to complete the scarf in the cream. The black on one side would be the 'asymmetry' that the scarf seemed to be seeking. End chapter two.
Then my 15mo son 'mislaid' my second hank of cream. AGGHHHHH. End chapter three.
Beginning of the happy end to the story. I decided to just cut the scarf short. Rather than switch back to black to finish it off, I left that triangle at a point and cast off. I thought it seemed rather cool, fitting in with both the 'geometric' and 'asymmetric' feel. However I felt it needed fringe of some kind so I ended up breaking into that black hank.....and the coolest thing happened. It almost fringed itself. I am not sure why but on the pointy end I had originally thought to do a tapered I cut the lengths all the same length with the intention of cutting them but a little light bulb went off and said 'knot them'! So I started knotting the bottom. Different. The other side needed something but I felt a long knotted fringe would be too much--it would have resulted in a scarf that was more fringe than scarf--and it would have meant, in my perfectionistic kind of way, that I'd have to measure the distance between knots so that the sides of this asymmetric scarf would be symmetric. Go figure. So I did a heavy fringe on the blunt end. And it turned out pretty neat.
I realized that as I did this scarf it was screaming my friend S's name. And I realized it is SO much like her that although I adore it, I am giving it to her. How is it like her?:

1. She was a refreshing and vibrant light in the dull dim Swedish town we were both stranded in--and sometimes scarves can be dull and this one isn't!
2. She has a groundedness and earthyness that matches the colorways--but she is also a bit on the 'changeable' side so the starkly different colorways fit!
3. Her personality is both soft and pointed--matches the ends in a way.
4. She has an appreciation for both delicate things (lace stitch stuff) and funky things (she liked, erm, I think, the strange Cleaves I did), so this scarf fringed itself with her in mind.
5. She inspired me to knit in the first place--so it is only fitting that this scarf, which grew out of circumstance into an 'interesting' character, hops into a little bag and mails itself to her.


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