Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some kind of knitting wizard/genie struck yesterday. I managed to complete two projects--and was busy with other things! Why is it that sometimes I have nothing else to do and cannot manage to get any knitting in and some days are like yesterday. Oh yeah. Motherhood. I forgot.

Anyway, Toddle is complete! I am hoping the 'keyhole' aspect will help keep it on him--so far he is constantly trying to tear it off, hence no photo of him with it on (yet).
Here is the intimate stitch close up. Gotta love those shots. I love the texture of the perpetual cabling. The pattern called for Cashmerino Chunky (if I remember right) and I subbed the Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky--which made it come out a bit more 'chunky' and a little less soft than I imagine the original pattern yarn called for. I want to make another one-- experimenting with having only three cables across and the middle cable be of a bit of black and a bit of white twining around one another. Might be cool!
The other project which made it to the finishing line FINALLY was the infamous baby blanket. My cast off was a tad loose so it is blocking on my livingroom floor and I am praying to the knitgods that it will come out properly shaped.

I have very mixed feelings about this blanket. I was psyched to make it-- a very solid and earthy pattern which was simple and sharp. Then I couldn't find the right Koigu colorway for it--the one called for in the pattern was the one I loved for a gender neutral blanket but stockists either had none or not enough. So I picked this one--which looks more yellow in this photo than it actually is and which looked less puppypukegreen on my monitor than in real life. Of course, after I got the yarn, the parents-to-be decided to eliminate the suprise element and they found out they were having a boy....but I had paid 80 USD for the yarn and waited for it to go to my mother and then on to me here in the UK-- and I wanted to get going on it. Knit up, it is quite pretty but a bit strange for a blanket, don't you think? It's a bit too green for my tastes. I am afraid they will hate it and I almost want to append to the "welcome to the world note" a little disclaimer that says I am happy to recyle it into socks if the color makes them--or baby--want to vomit. What do you think?


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