Tuesday, December 27, 2005


It is heretical, it seems, to be even a tiny bit unhappy with one's Clapotis.....but I hereby confess my bit of unhappiness. I was thrilled to be starting this pattern. I did it in a 100% merino colorway dyed by ebay seller Lotusblossom. From the project's beginning to it's ending, my guage changed pretty drastically. I never technically measured, but I could tell by the amount of daylight shining through the work at the starting end and at the working end that my knitting was seriously looser. I tried to keep it the same as when I started it, roughly, by eyeballing....but it just wouldn't remain steady. So, this resulted in a clappy with one paralellogram point being 'neat' and snug around the edges (far left)...and one being loose and floppy (near left). Not to mention it is seriously wider at one end than at the other end(right). I was trying to explain the angst I was feeling to my husband, but it wasn't working--he wasn't buying it. He thought it was silly that I should worry about this. Maybe it was silly that I was indeed tossing and turning all night, wondering what I could DO to the clappy to fix it...but it really bugs me. Then, brilliant as he is, he pointed out that you cannot see the difference very clearly unless you have it spread out on the floor or hang it in the window. And, he pointed out, how often was I going to wear it that way? I agreed with him...but still, it bugs me. Would you frog it? I thought that maybe I could dunk the wide end in hot water and shrink it? Ideas? Help!

Happy points: I really do love the fabric....I LOVE the curliness of the edges, and the way the dropped stitches curl up and peek looking at). At first I didn't like how all of the individual plies seemed to separate in the dropped ladders, but now I love it. (Maybe I can learn to love the funny ends...?) Then I started draping the clappy around me....I soon left my 'ends angst' behind me. So warm, so cozy, so pretty....I love alternating the 'sides' of the fabric as it wraps around my neck and flows over the shoulder....and I decided that Iout of the purl background (or dissapear from the stockinette background, depending on which side you are definetly have to wear it purl side out. The ridges of ladders are just too pretty! I was also very happy that some of the pooling that occurred as my gague went off into outerspace was 'diluted' by the laddering effect of the dropped stitches....

Notes: Done in worsted weight 100%merino from ebay seller I did start with the markers on the first few increase sections until I got the hang of the pattern. I also did the 'mirror twisting' from Clapotis Notes on both sides of the work to prevent gaps between the twisted stitches and the regular stitches, but it wasn't completely effective-because it took a lot of time and was tedious to do, I think I'd skip that on my next one. Verdict: Success! Summary: I had sworn I'd never do this pattern again....but I just HAVE to....


Blogger mE said...

Would it be horrible of me to admit that I like the looser end better than the tight end?

Blocking it will only ruin that curliness that you love - maybe you could think of this as a piece of abstract art and enjoy the gradual change in it (what would it represent, I wonder)?


1:01 PM  
Anonymous Liz said...

Tracy, well first it's gorgeous. I love the way the colours change and blend, and just look, well... gorgeous.

And as to knitting, I would agree with Eileen, I like the looser end, AND it is one of those things that YOU will notice, but would probably not be noticed by someone else. I have had trouble with my clapotis pooling and striping weird (you can see photo on my blog), and was given the sage advice to "just go with it" which I am doing. I think one of the cool things about this pattern is that it not in anyway rigid, no way is wrong as far as I can see.

Wear it, enjoy it, get lots and lots of compliments, and start another that you can perfect. Hope that helps.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Linda said...

I love your Clapotis! I would never notice the change in gauge and difference in size if you hadn't mentioned it. The colors are so beautiful.

8:11 PM  

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