Sunday, December 04, 2005

I am still working on the stash-busting-holiday-gifting spree and have a couple of new WIPS but no new FOs and in general not alot of progress. Alexander has been a bit higher-than-usual-maintenance which usually means no knitting!

I started the Saxon Braid Scarf from Knitting On The Edge in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky, and it's turning out very nicely. I am still relatively new to cables, and I am having a bit of trouble with the right purl crosses...the last knit stitch of that cross ends up pretty 'loopy'-you can see one or two of the extra large legs of that stitch in the photo. Not sure what to do about fixing that problem--suggestions are welcome!!!

My second new WIP (gosh have to update the progress bars!) is the Misty Garden from Scarf Style in Touch Yarns(NZ) mohair. I forget the name of the colorway but it is really pretty in this pattern, looking a bit like some sort of fantasea-scape. This is also one of the softest mohairs I've ever knit. I usually don't like anything exceedingly 'fluffy' or catchy or snaggy to knit with but this has been quite nice! I am not sure if it will end up being a 'me' scarf or a 'gift' scarf. I am quite hung-up about gift giving--if I give it to X, then Y will wonder why I didn't knit her/him this holiday, my first knitting holiday, I am really only knitting for my mother. Next year I will start sooner and maybe include others in my gifting. At the rate I am knitting my husband's Forbes Forest, it will only be finished by next holiday season anyway!!


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