Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's not like I have not been knitting I promise....but between builders, Alexander being ill and having four molars coming in, nightweaning him, and basically being completely shattered on the run up to the holidays, I have not been blogging. Bad me.
But I am very excited I got this juicy stuff in the mail today from Hipknits.....handdyed 100% silk by fabulous Kerrie Allman (who also does MagKnits) See it and drool!

I am not certain what I'm going to do with it.....I'm open for suggestions. The beautiful buttery yellow is about 180m per hank, the blue/silver is 320m, and the multi orange/yellow/green is about 180m....

On the more knitterly front, I have been doing SOME. I finished Misty Garden, and I am now 80% finished my Clapotis. I was hoping to finish by Christmas but it isn't going to happen!


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