Thursday, January 26, 2006

I have been a bad blogger, yes....but a worse knitter! Since my last post I have managed sock toes (one pair, not one hundred) and two more inches on Aibhlinn. Sigh. Today I want to rant about my sock toes.

My sock toes are, well, not as nice as I had hoped they'd be. Perhaps I am too perfectionistic to ever try anything new and not be, well, perfect at it on the first go-around...but I am not content.
This is my first pair of toes being done toe-up on two circs. You can see where I have inserted a colorful little lifeline-I had dabbled with the idea of doing a lace pattern over the top of the foot and into the cuff, but decided that since I was still getting the hang of knitting with two circulars that I'd stick to stockinette until I got to the cuff. I used a provisional cast on (using the cable as the 'holder', as described in the Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes and Heels sock workbook. It is supposed to be 'invisible'...but I don't see it being very 'invisible' at all. I had tried her 'signature' cast on which leaves a purl bump row, but tore it out because I really wanted my socks to be, well, perfect and I wanted them to start perfectly smoothly with a perfect flow over the top and bottom of a perfectly cast on toe. No go. See? I think the increase method she uses in the first row causes this effect. Maybe everyone's toes look like this-I dont know. I haven't examined many hand-knit sock toes so I can only go on little pictures (like mine) that I see on the web...and I am not sure why the increases make the toe 'square out' like they seem to be-this is a problem even when the toe is slipped over my foot. I am using a raised increase...but maybe there is a better one to use...any thoughts?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I have given Aibhlinn a start, finally. If anyone even bothers to read my blog you'd have noticed (maybe) that Aibhlinn had languished at about 5% finished since the blog's inception. It languished under that heading simply because there was no heading entitled "Frogpond". I didn't do the bobbles tightly enough and they literally 'dangled' off the edge of the work. I couldn't stand it so frogged it, cast it on and it sat there waiting for clappy to be finished so I could use that needle (slightly smaller at 4.5mm than 5mm, but it made all the difference). Snugging up the pre- and post- bobble stitches, I am happy with how they 'hang' now. One thing that is strange to me--and perhaps an indication that I am doing something wrong--is that in this pattern it seems though the 'wrong' side is more the 'right' side. The stockinette side of the 'wrong' side, and the 'back' of the bobble faces the 'right' side. Thank goodness it won't matter on this particular pattern-I will just turn it inside out, as I did for the photo above. Here is a detail comparing the bobbles....the left one is the 'wrong' side of the work bobble (the nicer face of the bobble) and the right is the 'right' side of the work's bobble(the less nice face of the bobble)...I will just think of knitting the pattern 'inside out' :) It's a nice easy thing to knit while watching TV...unlike learning toe up socks!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

My clappy woes are over. I am in love with it! I don't even notice any differences in the ends when I am wearing it and its so gorgeous that I don't care!Now, that must be true love. I do not usually feel that way--too much of a perfectionist?

I have begun my new knitting year resolution list. Doing completely new knitterly things is very hard to do while watching a 17mo, in particular learning to juggle two skeins, two circs and learn toe-up techniques. I have to knit all over the kitchen table so I can set it down very precisely and come back to it easily, this is definetly not a good 'watch the baby wad it up and set it aside' project....but I have been dying to learn.

It's been slow. This is what I got done in two (admittedly short) sittings:

Kind of sad, eh? At this rate I will finish, oh, in about a year. Just in time for the next set of resolutions! I am using Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes and Heels....the only book I have found that has explicit directions for both toe up and two socks on two circs. Other things have toe up socks....two socks cuff down....but this one does it all and it's full of pictures!! after this I think I will be able to confidently do any sock pattern on two circs!