Thursday, January 26, 2006

I have been a bad blogger, yes....but a worse knitter! Since my last post I have managed sock toes (one pair, not one hundred) and two more inches on Aibhlinn. Sigh. Today I want to rant about my sock toes.

My sock toes are, well, not as nice as I had hoped they'd be. Perhaps I am too perfectionistic to ever try anything new and not be, well, perfect at it on the first go-around...but I am not content.
This is my first pair of toes being done toe-up on two circs. You can see where I have inserted a colorful little lifeline-I had dabbled with the idea of doing a lace pattern over the top of the foot and into the cuff, but decided that since I was still getting the hang of knitting with two circulars that I'd stick to stockinette until I got to the cuff. I used a provisional cast on (using the cable as the 'holder', as described in the Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes and Heels sock workbook. It is supposed to be 'invisible'...but I don't see it being very 'invisible' at all. I had tried her 'signature' cast on which leaves a purl bump row, but tore it out because I really wanted my socks to be, well, perfect and I wanted them to start perfectly smoothly with a perfect flow over the top and bottom of a perfectly cast on toe. No go. See? I think the increase method she uses in the first row causes this effect. Maybe everyone's toes look like this-I dont know. I haven't examined many hand-knit sock toes so I can only go on little pictures (like mine) that I see on the web...and I am not sure why the increases make the toe 'square out' like they seem to be-this is a problem even when the toe is slipped over my foot. I am using a raised increase...but maybe there is a better one to use...any thoughts?


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