Monday, February 06, 2006

My adventures in felting started with my adventures in modular knitting. I started out fully intending to make the Pinwheel purse from Iris Schrier's book Modular Knits. It is a sweet little octagonally shaped purse, just big enough to safely tuck wallet and keys beneath my armpit.
Problem 1: I didn't measure by the time I was halfway through the first side of the purse, it was clear that my triangles were too big and that my purse was going to be square rather than octagonal. Damn!
Problem 2: I had previously stopped/started this purse several times because I couldn't get the triangles going in the right directions--so when it was clear that this thing was not going to be what I wanted, rather than ditch the bound off triangles, I just sewed them together to finish off the purse. Yes, cheating! But it seemed otherwise wasteful--and I was not sure I had enough un-knitted Kureyon to finish otherwise. So, I decided, that the not-so-pinwheely pinwheel purse was going to be felted....partly becuase the guage issue also meant you could see daylight through my purse and partly to cover up the, well, crappy stitching I did when I cheated!
I have a frontloader which took me a bit to figure out how to use for felting. You have to sit in front of it to stop it in the right spot in the cyle, then switch it to drain...let it drain, let the door unlock, check the work, then either repeat or continue it on it's cycle.
I have never felted before, so I just put it on it's hottest cycle, stuffed the bag in a pillowcase, added a pair of jeans and a towel and let it rip, drained it, checked it: three times. Hardly any felting! I didn't add soap,, I did, let it run again....and again...and here I have a somwehat felted purse to show for it. Ta da!


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