Saturday, April 29, 2006


i finished the string bag in noro daria....and here it is!
It has been thoroughly road tested and passed with flying colors. It is perfect for the run to the shops. I followed the pattern-mostly. I used the 'error' pattern that the pattern warns against (so the thicker 'thread' runs in one direction rather than zigzagging). I made the bag only 10 inches long and I made the strap only 6 inches long. it stretches and this length lets it stay very thick and not stretch out (as in the pattern author's photo and comments). I used exactly 3 skeins of Noro Daria.

I am now working on a little cardigan for my son, photos very soon! I should be able to sew it up and start the sleeves tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am hoping to distract you (with numerous little pictures) from noticing that I have not blogged in ....forever....

First, I finished a little lace scarflet in Kerrie's (Hipknits) aran silk, here artfully draped over my swift.....I took the pattern from Harmony Guides and just 'scarfed it' and it turned out nicely. Short, easy to tuck into a light jacket on a cool spring day.......after buying so much beautiful silk this is the first thing I have yet knit with it! I do have another project on the mind for some more of her silk--Knitty's Convertible comes to mind immediately. I bought 4sk of aran silk in a gorgeous cream, tan, yellow, orange, green....spring and autumny colors.....all rolled into one and am in love with the stuff. I rolled one ball of it just to sit out and be pretty.

Then, here is a little purse made from Noro Daria, using the pattern "Corded" at Magknits. I love this yarn. I love this yarn. Did I say I love this yarn? It's very unique and I love it! I only need to figure out how I want to put a strap onto it...I had double threaded some remaining Daria thorugh each side, but becuase there is no liner, it really pulled on the corners--and because I had not made it permanent, my two year old kept managing to undo it (in three seconds flat) and I kept managing to not quite get it back to where it was (in way more than three seconds flat). Kind of annoying. It looks pretty on the shelf though ;)

For some reason the rest of my post keeps vanishing.......but here is try number 3 on the string bag...

Next up is the String Bag from tiajudys page. Noro Daria anyone ? The pattern says that if you get ladders going vertically that you messed up....speakign of three tries on the string bag, I did that.... I messed up and redid and messed up and decided I really did like the messed up version better. I might do another one (in Daria of course) the 'right' way but so far I'm liking this bag. Plan to finish tonight, toddler pending. It will be perfect for carrying home stash, or veggies from the farmer's market or....whatever.

Last but not least is the Waterlily Top from Spring 06 Interewave Knits. I just happened to have 3 skeins of Giotto in the colorway used in the pattern model sitting in my stash when the issue arrived on my doorstep. Is that fate or what? It took me ages to get an 8mm Addi out of anyone here in the UK for the longest time but now I'm on row 6 of the bodice shaping, and only working on it slowly, as there is plenty of time before tank tops are needed here in cool, rainy, foggy "is summer ever coming" London! Meanswhile I get to bring the project in and out of it's little hideaway, my new and zippy ruby red Offhand Designs Zelda clutch. Wooh hoo, need I say more?

The TODO list:
1. two Baby Boleros from Leigh Radford's One Skein. such imaginative and great one skein sized projects in this book--simply the best of it's kind, in my humble opinion.
2. Colorblock caridgan from the same book.
3. U neck top from VK Spring/Summer 06