Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cardigan complete

I just finished a cardigan out of the One Skein book and I love it. I chose this project becuase it was a cardigan knit flat and I needed something to force me to learn how to do a decent job finishing. I have been a crap finisher and completley intimidated by patterns that required any amount of seaming--until now!

I did the cardigan in a combination of yarns: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, Merino Aran and Cashmernio Astrakahan (spelling check please!?). I was going to do the back in the solid mustardy color but was clearly going to run out so decided to stripe it a bit-I was happy with that! I really like the Merino Aran and want to use it for a few more projects down the line this fall....

The arms I also wanted to be done asymmetrically so I did a fat stripe on the first arm and uneven width stripes on the second arm. I used bar increases to do the increases on the sleeves, and I had been unhappy with the sewing up I did on the first sleeve so thought I would try doubly hard to get things to line up neatly on the second--which turned out much worse, even not counting the fact that the stripes did not line up for CRAP. See what I mean?

The photo on the right is called the 'crap sleeve'. I tried really hard to be sure that the same amount of stitch was to be 'inside' the seam and at the same time, being sure that all future bar increases would also be inside the seam. It didn't work so well. I should have just eyeballed it and did it like I did the first one...a bit more casually. I had thought the first one sucked-ha!

In general I am quite happy with the finishing job, though. I might even finish the sweater I made for my son for his first birthday by the time he turns three or four!! I got faster and braver, but this was the start of my first ever shoulder seaming experience....I marked every stitch out of worry ... and let me tell you, I don't recommend learning to seam with a boucle as one of your parts! I had to 'feel around' in each stitch for the bars to grab because there was no way to see them .....

Most of the rest of it I am pretty happy with as well....I had to do the Icord several times in order to not make it too tight, (I had never done attached I cord before) though it still does roll a tiny bit toward the expected 'stockinette roll' side on the inner edge of the fabric. This picture makes it look like there is some puckering there that really isn't....

I'm pretty happy with the rest of the seaming.....and now I just need one magical photo of the whole cardie 'in action' soon as I get the buttons on!


Blogger agileflower said...

sorry for the crap formatting. i tried to fix it and failed repeatedly...

1:36 PM  
Blogger Ulla said...

What a lovely cardigan.The combination of yarn makes me very inspirated.I also loved your lovely "bags",both the one in Noro and the modular one.

3:06 AM  
Blogger Kai Wei said...

OMG, that is so pretty and looking very complicated!
What a talent you have.

8:42 PM  

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